Celebration Application Guidelines

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Celebration 2017 will be held October 7, 2017 at Centro Cristiano Ebenezer in the city of Cudahy.
We will feature perormances by the Talent Show Competition winners form both camps.


Please make sure to send in your applications and payments are received by September 15, 2017.

The applications are below.

Please view the attached flyer for more details about the event.


It is the responsibility of the local coordinator to supervise and verify that each candidate has completed all requirements and the review tests for those it pertains to.  Applications for each honor recipient must have appropriate signatures, these verify requirement completion. We will not accept applications without fulfillment of requirements &/or signatures.




Make Money Order or Church Check Payable To:



(Memo: Girls Ministries)


Mail Payment and Application To:


614 South 5th Avenue

La Puente, CA  91746





You can find the review information on our main Resources page. It is also available under the “Reproducible” section of the Stars, Friends and Girls Only Sponsor Handbook contains the Reviews and Grading Key for the girls.  In the Coordinator handbook are the Reviews for Honor Sponsors. You may also download them online at www.ngm.ag.org or call district office for a copy.


Girls and ladies will not be recognized for more than one (1) Honor achievement at a time at celebration, except those being honored with Medals of Honor.


Dress Code: Navy formal uniform or their choice dress, as we will be celebrating a gala event.


Local Award Giving: Please Review the Celebration award flow chart when preparing your awards. Under “Local” are the recommended awards by the National Girls Ministries. Aside from certificates and pins, only two awards should be given, per national guidelines (Gifts are optional).