Girls Ministries clubs are taught in grade level format to meet the specific needs of the girls based on their individual learning and development abilities.

SUNLIGHT KIDS - Birth - 36 months (Boys/Girls)


RAINBOWS (Preschool - Boys/Girls)

DAISIES (Kindergarten Girls)

PRIMS (1st - 2nd Grade Girls)

STARS (3rd - 5th Grade Girls)



FRIENDS (6th - 8th Grade Girls)

GIRLS ONLY (9th - 12th Grade Girls)


The curriculum is flexible. If the traditional methodology of the curriculum is not feasible in your church, the material can be used solely as a discipleship tool. Here are facts about each to help you decide:

NON-ACHIEVEMENT means that the girls in your club do not follow the standardized requirements as outlined by club guidelines. The curriculum is used solely for discipleship and mentoring.


ACHIEVEMENT consists of treating the curriculum according to the standards and requirements established by the club guidelines. Badges and awards are effective motivators for girls. They provide incentive for completing a program and a sense of accomplishment upon completion. Awards are a means of encouraging girls to hide God's Word in their hearts. Achievement programs in a club setting provide a sense of belonging as girls work together. It is important to remember that badges and awards are a means, not an end.

Mpact Clubs and TGM Clubs are designed for every girl who wishes to participate. The national Girls Ministries office has developed an achievement policy for girls with special needs. You can find more information about it on our RESOURCE page. 

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